Saturday, January 26, 2008

Databases have RSS feeds? That is so cool!

Just one more interesting article on RSS…

Joyce Valenza’s blog “Database searches and RSS feeds” (November 24, 2007) from NeverEndingSearch (, discusses how certain databases have expanded the way we can retrieve information. Many databases will enable a searcher to set up email alerts. However, Valenza points out that EBSCO will also allow for an RSS feed to be set up. If she seemed excited about this, then it must be something significant!

She puts this discovery into the context of how her students can use it. While conducting research, Valenza’s students set up feeds for blogs which are relevant to their inquiry. Once they become better at database searches, she plans to show them how to take their search content via the RSS feeds, into their research blogs (in this case, iGoogle pages through Google Reader).

Blogs are proving to be a multi-purpose tool. I knew that blogs provided a useful tool for students conducting research. They can use it to reflect upon the process, ask questions about what they are discovering, and share their learnings. But now that I am gaining a better understanding of how RSS feeds work, and where they can be found, all kinds of possibilities are opening! The discovery that a database can be linked to one’s blog while conducting research is exciting! Easier access to relevant, credible, updated information.

I’m in a bit of awe.

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Val Martineau said...

Hi Ronda:
I too have enjoyed learning about RSS feeds and all their possibilites. I feel I have just cracked the surface. Being in 'awe' of it all is a great description. Isn't it fun to discover all the exciting, valuable and relevant things we can do with students.

Great additions to your blog, word of the day and your slide show (beautiful).
Great stuff!