Monday, March 17, 2008

An amazing and unexpected find!

All I can say is, WOW!! Stop everything, and go visit this amazing site right now! Educational Software and Web 2.0

As has been my custom when approaching a new Web 2.0 tool, I tend to look around for tutorials or web sites which offer “how-to” explanations. Before even visiting the VoiceThread web site, I discovered the Educational Software and Web 2.0 web site. I highly recommend this site to educators, or anyone, learning more about Web 2.0! (Don’t worry, I shall return to my VoiceThread momentarily).

I discovered the web site after first finding Suzie Vesper’s blog, Sharing the Addiction. Vesper, an ICT facilitator in New Zealand, along with other contributors, have created this web site with a wealth of information, tutorials, examples and links for educators to learn about Web 2.0. It has many similarities to Valenza’s Information Fluency; another absolute must for any teacher-librarian’s favourites links.

At Educational Software and Web 2.0, I loved the “Online Tools” page, and I intend to investigate it further when I have more time. The “VoiceThread Workshop” (a pdf) is greatly beneficial to anyone who wants to set up an account to use with their students, as it explains how to add identities to your Voicethread for each student.

Don’t forget to “Furl” this site or add it to your!

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Suzie Vesper said...

Hi Ronda, I am glad that you enjoyed looking through my Educational Software wiki. I am impressed by the depth with which you explore tools in this blog. I'll be adding the blog as a link from the wiki. Feel free to add anything that you find on your travels through the web 2.0 world to the wiki as well. :-)