Monday, March 17, 2008

Multimedia Sharing: An Introduction to VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a Web 2.0 tool which is best described as a “collaborative slideshow.” This multimedia-sharing tool provides a way for people to share images, and then add commentary; a sort of mix between slideshows and podcasting (Educational Software and Web 2.0). As described by Suzie Vesper:

“ is an amazing application that holds great promise for the classroom. A VoiceThread is an online media album that can hold essentially any type of media (images, documents and videos) and allows people to make comments in 5 different ways - using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video (with a webcam) – and share them with anyone they wish. A VoiceThread allows group conversations to be collected and shared in one place, from anywhere in the world. It can be used for collaborative digital storytelling at ALL levels of the school” (VoiceThread Workshop).

Similar to other Web 2.0 photosharing sites such as Flickr, Voicethread allows its users to create “mash-ups;” a combination of things to create or display a thought of some kind. (VoiceThread can incorporate Flickr and Facebook photos). However, photosharing mash-ups tend to be artistic visual creations, and do not incorporate audio and text in the creation.

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