Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PART 2 – Learning from other Great Minds

Learning with and from my classmates has been an important part of my journey. Here are just a few of the highlights of my learning for which I gratefully acknowledge my colleagues:

Arlene has exemplified how blogs enable writing to mature and evolve. Her blogs were impressive right from the start, but she has proven that she is a masterful writer and composer of educational blogs. I am in awe of her writing style. She has inspired my own writing attempts.

John’s blogs demonstrated a sophisticated use of technology, which always impressed me. His visually attractive blog prompted me to ask him to give me some guidance with creating thumbnail images. He responded quickly to my request with a detailed explanation, which taught me how to create my own thumbnails. As a visual learner, I am thrilled to be able to incorporate images with my writing now. Thanks so much, John!

By observing Jess’s blogs, I made the connection about hyperlinking words in my blogs. Prior to that, I had been giving complete URLs in my blog posts when making references. I did not like the way it looked. Jess’s example of good blogging protocol helped me improve my ability to reference and link in my blogs.

Steph’s blogs have been a true demonstration of what it means to a lifelong learner. She has highlighted her triumphs and challenges in an enduring and optimistic way. I always look forward to reading her blogs. Her Photobucket project has also inspired me to try this photosharing site.

Overall, having shared similar challenges with a group of people has made learning about new technologies far less intimidating. It was a relief to read about their experiences, which were very reflective of my own. I looked forward to reading about the various approaches we had to the same problems.

I continue to be inspired by the willingness of educators (like my classmates) to share, collaborate and help each other out.

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