Sunday, April 6, 2008

Part 5 - Some Final Thoughts

Professional blogs have become an essential resource in my learning journey this semester. Until this year, I had never read any professional blogs. I did not even consider them a “reliable source” of information; mainly due to my lack of understanding about them. It was not until I created my own blog, and began investigating this particular Web 2.0 tool that I have come to recognize the important contributions made by professional educators in the blogosphere.

Another important realization I have made is that educators are some of the most generous, helpful and patient people around. This has become apparent by visiting blog after blog which has been designed with the sole purpose of helping and supporting other educators. One can see the effort and hard work which has gone into creating and organizing meaningful information to empower teachers. I have also been amazed by the positive feedback and interactions I have read in some of these blogs. I was most pleasantly surprised by receiving some positive comments from other educator-bloggers on my own blogs this semester. All of this has helped me grow as an educator in ways I would have never imagined three months ago.

I believe that blogs are truly a powerful part of a professional learning community.

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Val said...

Ronda: Great in depth discussion on blogs (all 5 parts). I too am impressed with how generous and caring everyone is with sharing and explaining. Isn't it fun to get comments from some of the blog creators that we have come to use for professional development?

I love your Shelfari. I finished Eat, Pray Love last month. The Kite Runner was gripping. I haven't seen the movie have you? The life of Pi is one I want to read and I always love Ian McEwan.
I just finished The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson. We seem to have similar book tast so I would recommend it to you. A great Canadian story of 1940-60's. Great character development.