Sunday, February 17, 2008

Part 1 - My Podcasting “Hangover”

After several straight days of being completely immersed in the technicalities of podcasting software applications and lingo, I have emerged as a survivor. For a web 2.0 novice like me, podcasting was a huge challenge, because it required so many additional applications and aspects to make it work. The path was not a straight one. I revisited tutorials, directions, and websites so many times, I was getting pretty dizzy. I almost feel like I am recovering from a hangover.

However, the challenge has been met. Now, it’s time to reflect and put this whole experience into perspective. I feel that I have managed to learn a concept in a way which will better enable me to help teach other educators who were at the same place I was a few days ago: “ground zero.”

I’m feeling better now, and the Tylenol is working.

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