Sunday, February 17, 2008

Part 3 - Consulting the Experts: A Variety of Tutorials on Podcasts

It is nice to know that there exists a great deal of information about how to go about setting up a podcast. I ended up viewing and reading through several tutorials in order to seek out the most “user-friendly” directions possible. What is interesting to note, is that there were very different methods described in these tutorials, which did leave me feeling rather confused at a few stages. However, the information provided did help explain concepts, even if my computer wasn’t always cooperating.

Here are a few tutorials which I found quite helpful:

How to Podcast by Jason Van Orden – provided very detailed directions, and did not skip over much. The only downside: the tutorial is about 3 years old, and the web pages discussed no longer look the same. Podcasting Tutorials by Franklin McMahon – also provided excellent explanations and visuals, but the web pages I visited did not look the same as in the tutorial.

CNET Reviews Create Your Own Podcast by Rick Brodia – had some good explanations, but a far different method than I ended up following for podcasting.

Online Learning Studio provides educators step-by-step assistance for setting up and exploring the educational uses of podcasts. I grew a little impatient with the feedback/questions at the end of each learning session, so consulted other resources. However, I would use this if I had more time.

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There are some free audio tutorials at

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