Sunday, February 17, 2008

Part 5 – Creating and Publishing a Podcast

As mentioned in my blog on set-up, there is a particular order of skills and software needed to create and publish a podcast. Here is what I would recommend doing to create and publish a simple podcast:

1) Download Audacity and LAME. The tutorials on these sites will help you properly set both up. I did run into some trouble unzipping the LAME compressed file, but eventually got that solved. Now you are set up to record your voice, save it, and export it as an MP3 file. Don’t forget to use the descriptive tags to properly identify your podcast later on.

2) Set up an account at The Internet Archive. Once you have done that, you can “upload” your MP3 podcast on to the site. It will prompt you for information about the title, description, keywords, etc. about the podcast, so be ready to fill in that information.

3) After submitting and waiting a few moments, you will be provided with a URL link. Click on that hyperlink, and you will see your podcast details as it appears in the Internet Archive. Information about the format and size are detailed on this page.

4) The next step is to click on the embedding and help link. It will take you to a new page with a few different types of HTML code. Depending on what your needs, one of these codes will work. For my blog, the third HTML code was the one that successfully worked. I simply copied and pasted the code from this page into the appropriate spot in my blog under “add a page element” in the “HTML/Java Script” box.

This was the process that allowed for me to successfully create and post a podcast on my blog. I did not try anything “fancy” as my main goal was just to learn the basics.

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Arlene said...

Cancel that last comment...I know what you are talking about now and none of the three different feeds worked in Wordpress. Hopefully they will fix that one day.